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Since 1971, Mr. Trester has assisted companies with all aspects of collective bargaining with unions and can, if necessary, provide union avoidance consulting including developing a counter union campaign if a union does approach employees.  

If a company already has a union contract, he is a skilled union contract negotiator. Irwin can assist a company with grievances, union arbitrations, federal mediations, and be the hearing representation at National Labor Relations Board NLRB hearings. 

Union Avoidance
Develop company strategy for union avoidance.

Company Counter Union Campaigns
Develop a full campaign to explain to employees the company's position regarding unions and union organizing and why the company chooses to remain non-union once an organizing campaign has begun.

National Labor Relations Board NLRB Hearing
Representation before the NLRB to decide if employees should be represented by a union, and other related issues. 

Appropriate Unit Hearing
This is another hearing of the NLRB to determine which employees are allowed to vote on whether or not the employees will be represented by the union. 

Conduct of Elections 
Representing the employer at the election at the company to make certain that the employer receives a fair election process. 

Unfair Labor Practice Charges 
Representing the employer before the NLRB where a union or an employee alleges unfair labor practices under the National Labor Relations Act. 

Union Contract Negotiator
Representation of the company during contract negotiations.

Federal and State Mediation 
The use of mediation to oversee contract negotiations where a union exists and parties are having difficulties reaching an agreement. 

Strikes, Boycotts, and Picketing
Assist in managing the company directly during a strike and picket to assure that the company continues to operate during a strike. 

Union Contract Administration 
Assist the employer in meeting his obligations under a union contract with regard to the union. 

Grievance Procedures, Collective Bargaining Arbitration 
Representation at grievance discussions and at labor arbitrations if grievances are not settled.

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Labor Union Relations

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