Unemployment insurance and Workers’ Compensation insurance costs, when out of control, can be quite costly.  I can provide valuable assistance which can control and minimize these costs.

Unemployment Insurance Cost Control EDD

Train supervisors how to document facts in support of their warning notices.

I prepare the answer to EDD to the reporting facts as to the termination of any employee in order to avoid overpaying for unemployment insurance. For example, the employee was discharged for good cause or voluntary quit. This includes representation at unemployment hearings and preparation for said hearing, such as helping you prepare the testimony of company witnesses.

Workers' Compensation Cost Control

I can assist your company implement an effective SB198 Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) to make a safer workplace which should reduce your workers' compensation insurance costs.

Moreover, I can provide case management advice and teach your supervisors how to manage and control workers' comp cases in order to move them as quickly as possible towards settlement with the assistance of the workers' comp carrier's staff and lawyers.

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Labor Insurance Cost Control
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