Letter of Commendation, US Army

Matt Starkey:
"For the last 20+ years I've had the good fortune to work closely with Irwin Trester. As a commerical insurance broker & consultant I get closely involved in managing all aspects of risk for my clients. My partners and I don't hesitate to get Irwin involved with the businesses we represent, particularly in the areas of Employer / Employee Relations, Safety, and Human Resources. His contributions are invaluable, and he always works at the highest level of professionalism. I enthusiastically recommend Irwin to any employer!"

Donald D. Williams Jr., Controller, VTS Sheetmetal Specialist Co:
"Tom and I wish to thank you for the excellent safety program that you set up for our company. The safety program that you set up for us not only reduced injuries to our employees but helped to reduce our "experience modification rate" which has resulted in lower insurance premiums for workmen's compensation insurance."

​T. Hagerman, President of a unionized furniture company:
"Irwin always goes the extra mile to make sure it was done right." 

​J. C., May 1990:
"In case I never said it, thanks for being there when I needed someone I could trust." -- 

Phil Haney:
"I have known Irwin Trester, Business and Human Resource Executive and Specialist for over 25 years. I have interacted with him in many corporate and business situations in my professional senior executive and general management positions for large manufacturing divisions and in my own business brokering, franchise and consulting businesses for clients. I would highly recommend his services and he will do an excellent job of successfully working through your company’s human resource issues, documentation, implementation and provide the right solution results and training. He is exceptional in all areas of handling Human Resource issues, employee performance measurements, safety, worker compensation and cost controls, OSHA training, sexual harassment and training on abusive conduct in the workplace and other Human Resource issues. Erwin can be an asset to your businesses human resource challenges." 

Marti & Brian Johnston, December 2008:
"Smart, experienced, knowledgeable, reliable, and a heck of a nice guy too.  Highly recommended."